Salem South Dakota v 1.1


– Roads have been lowered closer to the terrain
– Painted More Wheel Tracks.
– Most field approaches, driveways, parking lots, and other gravel areas now have quite a bit of tire tracks
– Vehicle Store Trigger Added to Dealer ship
– Sell Solid Manure at the 4H Barn, Lacey’s Farmacy, and Freemar Fertilizer and Chemical plant
– 4X times the standard map size, mostly flat land, rolling in some spots
– Roads are one mile by one mile sections
– Fields are scaled slightly smaller than in real life, but are still quite large
– Two Interstate highways
– Two towns, one based on a small Midwestern town, the other based on a city
– The small town has a small town feel, a school, church, 4-H barn, and Cenex gas station.
– The city has a Walmart, Mcdonalds, a mall, and lots of asphalt
– Several homestead from different eras in time, based on real farms
– Withering disabled: fields you own have crops planted in them
– Default crops
– Buy farmsteads and field parcels separately
– If you get lost, the PDA is labeled.
– The Farmers Market is where you sell wool and eggs: find it in the middle of Salem near Freemar Feed and Grain elevator
– TMR and straw are dumped in the large gable barn on Mcgregor farm: Mcgregor is labeled as 4 on the PDA
– Tip grass for the sheep by the grey silo on Feterl farm: Feterl is labeled as 1 on the PDA
– Chickens are in the red barn on Koch Farm: Koch is labeled as 3 on the PDA
– South Freemar elevator is on the North Side of Salem
– Freemar Feed and Grain Elevator is in the middle of Salem
– You may buy seed, fertilizer, and fuel on each farm or in Salem
– Sell grass and straw at the 4-H barn for double price, located on the South side of Salem

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