Platinum Xanthos v 14.1


– The bunker silo for sunflower seeds could not fully address
– The wheel loader has get more power for compressing
– The water trailer has got more volume
– Tanker Liquid Manure got more volume
– The trailer has a bit more power, so you can bring enough fresh milk in time for the dairy
– Sunflowers have come as an additional fruit to it. For sunflower there are two silos to make silage from it. The silos require some more time fermenting silage so it is a special method developed in our own laboratory specifically for the LS 2013
– Two nine of halls have been added, one at the train station and the other at the campsite
– The Deutz 7545 RTS Drescher is available in 4 different colors. The following fruits can thus harvest : wheat, barley, canola, corn, sorghum and sunflowers
– The following trailer can load all the fruits : Gilibert 1800 pro, Kroger HKD 302 MUK 402 and SRB – 35th
– Conveyor belts at the feed store for the removal of the fruit by mixing feed truck and loader wagons ( Bergmann and Pöttinger as Mod)
– Players carrying out only a small Kuhzucht can buy for the greenhouses at the nursery crap

Giants Software, Askari, Ganelcer, Eifok-Team, WayneischGeld, Fatian, Marhu, Rubiks, mir unbekannt, TMT, skydancer, Alex2009, martinbig500, DerLord, BM-Modding, Claas Raser


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