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Moin Moin
Here is the Osterrade_V2
The card is fictitious, the name originates from the Noddeutschen.
We have a second country trade together added, the small BGA replaced, the dealer increases and textures changed the map should now run on any computer.

? Mapper: JohnDeereLTR180 and Lexion780tt Fentd2111
? I3d. Size: 6,193 mb
? ZIP. Size: 175 MB
? Commencement: the end of December 2012

? Plants: wheat, barley, canola, corn, grass, sugar beet, potatoes, green rye
? 1 Lohnbetrieb with small biogas plant
? 1 Store
? 2 Country Trade
? 1 yard
? 1 large biogas plant
? 2 villages
? pig

I hope I have a lot of fun on this map.

Support at:
Facebook: ls-eu.com
Homepage: www.ls-eu.com

Required Mods:
– MapDoor Trigger: MapDoorTrigger – VertexDezign.net
Slurry manure Kalkmod
– The rest is included in the Packet
– The shredder for the Grünrogggen you can download from here you Modhoster.

Teamspeak Address: 5175226165
Please comply with instructions otherwise there is error log !!!

Map is for average computer 🙂
This map may be made without prior approval from us to any other sites to download.
The map may not be modified without the consent of the Ur-Modders or re-uploaded.
The map may be used only for the Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013! Not for other games.
mfg Lexion780tt@ls-eu.com

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