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Hee guys (and maybe girls),
Do you like a tough challenge? This is what you’ll encounter when you’re driving around in the area I live in Groningen, Northern Netherlands.
Why is my map tough? Because my map has small fields, barbed wire everywhere, small roads, trenches full of water all around the fields and so forth ..
If you wanted to learn how to drive tractors, then here you can crack up your skills quite a bit. The farm itself does not have a concrete plaza as big as a soccer field (as does the original map). Turning with the big monster machinery is quite hard actually, sometimes just unfeasible.
This map is pretty cramped up The map itself is just as big as the original map, but has 142 fields (in stead of the 42 of the original one).
You’ll probably hate this map for it’s difficulty, or love it for the same Reasons!
NOTE: I’m NOT done with it yet, so be sure to catch up with some improvements in the future!

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