lysa-polana-v2-0_1 lysa-polana-v2-0_2 lysa-polana-v2-0_5 lysa-polana-v2-0_7

It is on the map:
– 2 companies (small and large also Polish, but modern)
– Lime V2
– Mist V2
– Mist V2
– Several stocks
– Dairy (milk should WoZi to melczarni?)
– Purchase of fertilizer
– Sugar factories
– 2 villages
– Orlen petrol station
– Machine Shop and Service
– Cows – on a large farm
– Chicken – on a small farm
– Sale of eggs in the supermarket
– Mod Forest
– Challenging and interesting ride to the fields
– Bought lime v2 tuck lycha on a small farm
– Lime the fields – you first need to buy a small farm, then not on the part of the field
– Polish Air
– Lots of trees and shrubs
– Boxes (small, medium, large) and different shapes in different sizes

Changes from Version V1.1
additional fields – Enlarged map
revised PDA
no errors in the log
many signs, signs
changed the texture on HD
Fields were added to the slurry storage silos
Seller fields – the actual prices and the areas
Silos for the storage of grain on a small farm
Weight of the card is great, but unfortunately all their weights, we have everything to the weight to a minimum. And it seems to us that, so that the card contains additives and not weigh as much because of its size. Download and you will not regret it !! 🙂
We wish you many pleasant hours on our map output.

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