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Welcome to Gamsting!
In the middle of the mountainous region of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps is almost entirely cut off from its environment Gamstinger the idyllic valley surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and inhabited by the humorous citizens Gamstings.
Of the once numerous hermit courtyards with blossoming agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry in this secluded area today bear witness only the lush existing fields, pastures and cleared forest areas. The only remaining farm northwest of Gamsting now responsible for the management of the entire valley. This applies to supply and manage the village-owned biogas plant, a biomass cogeneration plant and own livestock.
The local branch of BayWa is the only source for the farmers in the region. Nevertheless, the agricultural machinery business and the warehouse offer a wide range and a rich assortment. When choosing your farm equipment the mountainous conditions should be considered. With large, bulky devices, even the most experienced farmer reach its limits.

The following sites are located on the map:
(House, 2 grain storage, Wood storage, fertilizer and Kalklagerhalle, two machine shops, shelter, chicken coop with run-out, barn with pasture and one lying outside Sheepfold pasture)
(Administrative building, carriage house, seed stock, Getreideabladedurchfahrhalle, potato and R├╝benabladehalle with fertilizer pile, four grain silos)
biogas plant
(2 fermenter, storage tank, CHP container, 2 shelters, scales, operating house, transformer station, two drive-through silos and manure pit)
(5 houses, gas station, church, castle, construction companies, small shelter)
(Sales building, warehouse with seed storage bin)
(Sales building, workshop)
(3 factory building with point of sale)
(Production building)
(Production building, wood chips stock)
heating plant
(Power plant building, Wood stock, transformer station)
(Restaurant building, warehouse and Playground)
power supply system
(High and low voltage poles, house utility poles, substations and distribution boxes)
railway line
(2 crossings with barriers, 4 tunnels, track section is traversed by an ICE DB)
road network
(Almost complete DIY, signs, guard rails, subways)
Many bran details provide variety on the Map

Required Mods:
MapDoorTriger (
MapHoseRefStation (
MapSuperSiloTrigger (
aForestMod (
Krone Turbo 2500, since launch vehicle (

The map there once with (Original Download Link) and one without (alternative download link) Wither!
For questions and problems you may like this sent to me in the comment section.
Have fun with my modification wishes you Stefan_LS!

– The mod can not be uploaded again without my consent!
– The mod can be converted for private use only!
– The mod can be offered only to the original download link to download!
Please note the readme included in the zip file!

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