Mar 16

Kenmore Park (Australian Map)

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This map is field status v3 compatible and is added. Simply press the * key to enable. I have also include a grain elevator to store grain, although I couldn’t get it to accept sorghum sadly. To be able to use this, go into the map – KenmorePark.zip and there you will see a zip file called supersilo trigger. Put that in your mods folder. fruit folder is installed in map folder, don’t need to move it. To select the fruit, press (X) and to load the trailer press (spacebar).Please noet you need to drive in the elevator shed.
This map does not have a dairy. I was going to add it back, but never got around to doing it. This has two selling points, a mill and brewery which are a fair distance from eachother. PDA is fully function as well. For some reason the dam engines are missing it’s texture. It just started missing all of a sudden so I apologise about that.

knagsted – john deere engine
Maca – Grain elevator
Britten – dumping grain pad
Ace-uk – original map
Sandgroper – All sheds


Kenmore Park (Australian Map)

Kenmore Park (Australian Map)